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11 Ways To Engage Students Using Technology

Posted on March 17, 2016

After over a decade of working with students and spending time with them, I started realizing how much time I'd spent with them online, on social media, websites, and different things like that. Yet, as I talked to leaders they seemed overwhelmed by this prospect of having to deal with a brand new technology, something they weren't familiar with, a space that they'd never played in so I wrote a brand new book called 11 Ways to Engage Your Students Using Technology. It's a really quick e-book to help you get an overview of eleven different ways that you can use different kinds of technology to engage your students in more meaningful ways. Technology has the capacity to push information out fast. It makes things go fast. It can spread everywhere.

The problem technology has is that it doesn't really give us a whole lot of meaning. It doesn't give us depth of relationship. You don't learn any more about a sunset by watching it on video. It doesn't have meaning until you can feel it on you face, until you can feel the wind blowing, until you know what it's like to be warm standing on a beach. Those are two completely different things. One's about information, one's about connection, and really, the other is about meaning, depth, and relationship. Students are longing for meaning, depth, and relationship, but they also need information. They also need that information connected to their lives so they know what to do with it.

In this e-book, I walk through eleven different ways for you to use social media and technology to give your students information and help them to connect while understanding that it can never replace the meaning that comes from personal relationships, the meaning that comes from you being the kind of leader that God called you to be. How are you using technology with your students? What ways you are deploying it as you engage them and their parents as well.


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