Jeremy Pettitt on Communication and Culture

Things They Share (Artist vs Designer)

Posted on August 16, 2020

Artists and Designers share at least four things:

1. Imagination and Creativity - Both Artists and Designers use their imaginations to see expressions and solutions that have not existed before and create them into being.

2. Aesthetics (Principles) - Both Artists and Designers understand and utilize visual aesthetic principles (like balance and unity as well as ratios and color theory) to achieve their creative visions.

3. Craft/Skills - Both Artists and Designers often employ similar skills (e.g. drawing) during their creative processes.

4. Tools - Both Artists and Designers wield many of the same tools (from pencils to software) in their creative productions.

When either Artists or Designers face a creative obstacle or get creatively stuck, they can benefit from using these four things they share to tap into the opposite mode of thinking and find new creative expressions and solutions.

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