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Effective One-on-One Meetings

Posted on November 08, 2020

Effective One-on-One Meetings focus on understanding the current state of our employees’ personal lives and work satisfaction as well as their next steps for growth and productivity.

These one-on-one meetings happen best in a conversational environment.
Imagine the difference between sitting in a coffee shop or living room talking versus behind heavy desks or at big tables.

3 Questions To Facilitate Effective
One-on-One Meetings

1. “How are you (and your family)?”

Seek to understand the employee’s personal life including their exciting news as well as current issues. In order for trust to grow, you will need to share with them reciprocally about your life and family.

2. “How are you feeling about your work/projects?”

Try to gain insight into the employee’s feelings and/or sense about their work projects and goals in order to facilitate better productivity and satisfaction.

3. “What do you need (from me)?”

Encourage authentic responses from your employees especially when voicing struggles, difficulties and doubts in order to develop effective next steps to remove obstacles while fostering further growth and effectiveness.

In the end, every leader needs to know where their employees are at personally in order to help them move forward toward their individual goals and ultimately, success.

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